Kitchener Plus

Im Viadukt …19, …20
8005 Zürich

Mon–Fri 11.00–19.00
Sat 10.00–18.00

Public transport: Bahnhof Hardbrücke 33, 72, S-Bahnen
Dammweg 4, 13, 17

On the map for more than 50 years is Bern’s iconic shop Kitchener, and its spacious branch Kitchener Plus has brought shopping pleasure to Zurich in two Im Viadukt arches for several years – now with the entire product range from Bern to discover plus a larger menswear department. The multifaceted selection from timeless fashion to Japanese ceramic, from playful to functional, is complemented by a constantly changing assortment in the store on Heinrichstrasse 217 and in the Kitchener e-shop.