Freitag Flagship Store

Geroldstrasse 17
8005 Zürich

Mon–Fri 10.30–19.00
Sat 10.00–18.00

Public transport: Bahnhof Hardbrücke 33, 72, S-Bahnen
Schiffbau 4

A skyscraper of a slightly different kind and one of Zurich’s top attractions: 19 recycled containers rising up vertically to create four sales floors and an observation deck with a view of the Prime Tower. It’s also worth paying a visit to the inside of the tower, which accommodates over 1600 bags and accessories made of old truck tarps. Every one unique and unmistakable. The first container floor also stocks a range of revolutionary F-ABRIC clothing: classic, fashionable basics made of flax and hemp fibres that are compostable at the end of their useful life.